Сергей Красиков (eska) wrote,
Сергей Красиков

Нейл Гайман о литературных гетто

"Fiction seems capable of existing in only one ghetto at a time, so if your book is in what used to be known, rudely, as the kiddylit ghetto, then it is children's fiction, no matter what else it might be (fantasy, historical, horror, sf, humor, romance and so on). As a result of the enormous success of authors like J.K. Rowling and Pullman, adults in the millions have now read and enjoyed fantasy novels without ever having had to browse the fantasy shelves. For the most part, after all, the crossover books tell tales in which the joy of story is also the joy of the fantastic without apology, a freedom of children's literature that can be lost at adulthood, where metaphor becomes literal and genre restrictions apply."

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Recent Posts from This Journal