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Disallow current and future European political Russo-phobic activity. This includes disallowing the current anti-Russian activities lead by several EU countries (the UK and Nordic countries in particular).
These anti-Russian activities has been ongoing for more than 100 years and peaked during the British Prime Minister Disraeli’s reign (when the UK agreed to protect the Islamic Ottoman Empire from Russia receiving Cyprus in return).
We acknowledge that integrating Russia and the ”former” EU will be challenging (due to decades of anti Russian propaganda in certain EU countries) but we will succeed providing that Russia accepts our demands.
Emphasis will be put on cultural and educational reforms in order to complete this objective. Historical information concerning past European anti-Russian political leaders will be revised. It is essential in this process that past opportunistic traitors such as Disraeli are labelled as traitors to all Europeans and that we conclude, cheer and acknowledge the fact that Russia did indeed play the primary role in crushing the Islamic Ottoman Empire, liberating millions of Europeans from Dhimmitude and thus deserves the gratitude of all Europeans.

2083 A European Declaration of Independence, стр 1282

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