Сергей Красиков (eska) wrote,
Сергей Красиков

Disposable queen Victoria

"So Victoria is fated to die, it seems! Ha ha!"
Oxford slopped soup onto his bedsheets and, with a shaking hand, placed the bowl onto the bedside table.
"I seem to have said rather too much," he croaked.
"Not at all, old man. I have no love for our little prim and proper bitch queen, and I feel I have a better grip on the affair now that I know the full story. I take it, then, that Her Majesty becomes a figure of some importance in your history?"
"She oversaw the expansion of the British Empire and a period of remarkable technological advancement."
"We're well on our way to such circumstances anyway, Edward; I don't see how the snooty tart can possibly influence the country's advancement one way or the other."
"She's a figurehead."
"Figurehead be damned! Disposable, Edward! Disposable!"

Mark Hodder "The Strange Affair of Spring Нeeled Jack"

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