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Subterranean: аттракцион невиданной щедрости!

Ведущее американское издательство Subterranean, специализирующееся на выпуске красочно оформленных фантастических книжек, большинство которых выпущено ограниченным тиражем объявляет о 50% снижении цены.
Среди новинок: трилогия Пауэса, впервые выпущенная ограниченным тиражем, новый чапбук Краули, три романа Блейлока в одном томе, неопубликованные произведения Хайнлайна, редкие книги Дика и пр. пр.
Предложение действительно до завершения 01.04.08.

Buy at least 5 books and take 50% Off
As a thank you for the best start to a year we've ever had, we're offering readers the chance to pick up some great limited editions at even greater prices.

We'll keep it simple.

Purchase at least 5 Limited or Trade editions (in-print or forthcoming) and your order is 50% off. Please mention "50% off" in the comments section when checking out. Lettered editions and a few titles, marked on the site, are excluded. Regular shipping charges apply. Sorry, but this offer cannot be applied retroactively to previous orders. This special may not be combined with any other coupons, specials, or savings certificates. Your shopping cart total and automatic email confirmation won't reflect the sale price, but don't worry, we'll catch it when processing your order.

Important Note for PayPal users: Do NOT go through our online store. Drop us an email at subpress@gmail.com with a list of the books you'd like to order and we'll send you an invoice.

This special good until the end of Tuesday, April 1, 2008.

(на рисунке - "Лавина" Стивенсона, издание, приуроченное к 15-летнему юбилею книги)

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