Сергей Красиков (eska) wrote,
Сергей Красиков

Малява от Чойнерда, кому интересно...

I wanted to bring to your attention a newsletter that I've started, another piece of http://s1ngularity.net It's called [viral agitation], and it's like nothing you've ever seen before. Equal parts CHEAP TRUTH and Dostoyevsky's A DIARY OF A WRITER, this will be an occasional (monthly?) opt-in newsletter that will contain everything from flash fiction to articles to knowledge management to rude bits that just don't fit anywhere else. In other words, I'm stepping things up a notch, and I hope that [viral agitation] will spread throughout the SFF industry.
It will be written primarily by myself, with occasional contributions from fellow writers. Of course, you're all welcome to become involved if you wish! I'd never turn away a friend....

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