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Таки да, как узнал польское слово "brzydki" - "уродливый", возникло очевидная мысль о его происхождении.
Предчувствие меня не обмануло:

Zyd (Zydowka, Zydowski) is a Polish term that identifies the Jew by his/her religion or the ‘nationality’ (whatever that might means to Poles nowadays).
The term derives from “Jude” and it always brings up negative emotions when Judas, a proud ancient name is mentioned amongst the Poles.
Zyd in other variations is used in several Slavic countries. I was surprised to hear the word Zido
in Hungary. It should also be noted that the word Zyd has been “transformed” and incorporated into native Polish words that are associated with an unpleasant meanings, for example, the words
brzydki [bzhee-dkeeh]—ugly, unsightly or hideous,
brzydzenie [bzhee-dzeh-nyeh]
or related to it,
wybrzydzac [vee-bzhee-dzach]—abhorrence, disgust, abomination

The Word “Jew” or “Jewish” as a Name-
Component in Ancestral European Towns
by Alexander Sharon

Насчет негативного эмоционального заряда слова - ошибка.
Вот, к примеру:

Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

или вот:


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