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Блейлок разразился (проходной, но вполне внятной) статьей про стимпанк

Perhaps sadly, the majority of convention goers have little idea of Steampunk's humble beginnings, or that Steampunk books exist at all. In the conventions' dealers rooms there are typically 30 tables selling Steampunk jewelry, weapons, and costumes for every one table selling books. I don't mean to complain, however.

... а Краули - (умной) про волков и детскую литературу.

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase can be mistaken for a parody Victorian—country houses with secret passages, orphans, evil governesses, railroad-train compartments—but it is a rarer thing than that. It’s never coy or arch (which Aiken said books for children should never be), but it is heard differently by an adult reader, who greets the arrival of common plot turns, descriptive tropes, and matched good-evil characters with pleasure, like old friends showing up suddenly at the door, even as the young reader wants to know only what happens next.

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