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In Hungary, where many people had German-sounding surnames, the only institution which actually knew who had signed the Volksdeutsche list was the Census Bureau, and at first its director refused to give it up. Even after a visit from the Hungarian secret police in April 1945, the Census Bureau’s employees resisted: never before had the bureau given data away, not for criminal investigations, not during the war, not even when the German occupation government in 1944 had tried to find out the identity of Jews. The bureau finally relented after ten of its employees were arrested by the secret police—and when it was made to understand that the local Soviet authorities were involved in these arrests and would happily carry out more.

(Barbara Bank and Sándor Őze, A “német ügy” 1945–1953. A Volksbundtól Tiszalökig (Budapest and Munich, 2005), pp. 9–34.)
цит по Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956
Anne Applebaum

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