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E-books Up, Print Books Down • The Association of American Publishers has released figures for June 2011, showing a striking de- cline in revenues for print books as compared to June 2010. Adult hardcover sales were down 25.4%, and adult trade paperbacks down a stag- gering 63.8%. Adult mass markets paperbacks actually fared better, with a decline of only 21.6%. Children’s and YA hardcovers declined 30.8%, and children’s and YA paperbacks by 13.6%. E-books account for the difference, with e-book revenue leaping by 161% across all cagegories, from $30 million in June 2010 to $181.3 million in June 2011. Alas, the in- crease in e-books isn’t enough to make up the lost revenue from declining print sales, but it’s further evidence for the decline of paper and the rise of digital formats.
(Locus 10/2011)

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